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Meet Pyper Lund

Pyper Lund has been in the real estate, investment, and mortgage business for over 18 years. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado Business School, and holds an MBA from the Denver University Daniels College of Business. Pyper began his career in Colorado as a real estate broker and owner operator of a small Bed and Breakfast in a mountain ski town. His career broadened when he moved back to Denver and became a securities exchange broker at a major investment firm. After completing his MBA he chose a career in mortgage banking. Pyper joined Cherry Creek Mortgage after 8 years of mortgage experience, in Denver, with a major international bank. Pyper’s unique blend of experience in customer service, financial consulting and knowledge of the mortgage business and markets, provides his customers with a blend of skills to optimize their mortgage portfolio. Pyper is a Colorado native, and is an avid skier. He’s one of those guys that is “into” powder every chance he gets. He’s a golfer, biker, hiker and a back country enthusiast.

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